About Us


Welcome to our family-owned hotel nestled in the heart of Muscatine, Iowa. With a rich history spanning generations, we take pride in offering a warm and inviting atmosphere that feels like home from the moment you arrive. Just as the sage plant is revered for its cleansing and purifying properties, our hotel embodies a rejuvenating sanctuary for travelers seeking respite. Our commitment to exceptional service and genuine hospitality is deeply rooted in our family values, ensuring that every guest experiences personalized care and attention. From our comfortable accommodations to our thoughtful amenities, we strive to create memorable moments for travelers of all ages. As a local landmark, we are deeply connected to the vibrant community of Muscatine, and we look forward to sharing our passion for hospitality with you during your stay. Experience the warmth of our family’s hospitality and discover why our hotel is the perfect choice for your visit to Muscatine, IA. Welcome to our family – welcome to your home away from home


Raj and Harsha Patel are Immigrants of India, and arrived to The United States in the 1990’s. After leaving the comfort of their old homes, they worked labor intensive jobs for over 20 years, scraping by from paycheck to paycheck while raising 2 kids Harsh and Janki. Even though they left their own homes on the other side of the world, they brought their values with them. In Indian culture, it is customary to offer any guest that visits your home, food, water and shelter to alleviate the difficulties of traveling. Hospitality runs in their blood. In 2015 Raj caught his first break with an opportunity to purchase a motel in 2015 in Wisconsin. Despite being 50 years old he jumped at the opportunity regardless of the risk and it paid off. In 2023 Raj sold that motel to purchase The Sage Hotel in Muscatine along with his wife and kids to take on his next risk, a run down Hotel that has much work to be done! He and his family appreciate all the support they have received as they turn this place around to its former Glory!